Friday, November 28, 2008


Welcome to the South Carolina Quiet Title Litigation Blog!
This blog will provide information regarding land title issues in South Carolina.
The primary focus will be on clearing title issues related to Tax Deeds and Heirs Property.

Other issues will include: foreclosure defense, mortgage modification restructuring, recasting, partition actions, property line disputes, etc..


When a person dies owning real estate and their estate is not probated, their real property passes to their heirs. Although the heirs are the true owners of the property, the property is most often rendered unmarketable. Unmarketable heirs property often can not be sold for full value, nor mortgaged or developed.

Often, heirs property can only be made marketable by a quiet title action.
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When real property taxes go unpaid, county governments sell the property at auction to satisfy the taxes owed. The high bidder at a public tax sale will receive a "tax deed" from the master-in-equity or the tax collector. Although tax deeds are legal evidence of ownership, they are typically not insurable during the first 10 years after they are issued.
Often, tax deeds can only be made insurable and therefore marketable by a quiet title action.
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The number of foreclosure actions in South Carolina is on the rise at an alarming rate. Homeowners facing foreclosure often have a range of legal options that changes almost daily. Banks appear to be more and more willing to work with homeowners facing foreclosure. Some options which may be available include: debt re-structuring, short sale or deed in lieu.
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